[CLASSIFIED] Learn the Insider's Secret to Flipping Houses: 
FREE Video Training shares insider secrets to determining how much house you can afford to flip in your area!
With the training you'll learn...
  • How to determine if a property is a good flip investment 
  •  How to estimate renovation costs
  •  What are the common missteps and how to avoid them
  •  How to determine purchase price
  •  How to make money flipping houses
This training is for you if...
  • You're finally ready to get started with real estate investing
  • You’ve purchased other real estate programs or gone to other real estate events with NO success
  • You feel you don’t have the money or credit needed to be successful with real estate investments
  •  You're looking for a way to unlock generational wealth
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Kito J. Johnson

Kito is an accomplished real estate broker licensed in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Minnesota. He possesses a high record of achievement with outstanding success in building partnerships, training teams, and maintaining client relationships and investor comfort, with over 1000 transactions under his belt! He’s established himself as an educator and mentor within the real estate industry.
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